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ecs.pngTake advantage of Arkema's material expertise 

  • Material compatibility analysis for your project requirements 
  • Technical scoring to support your decision-making 
  • Available comparison with alternative materials

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development phase

  • Part printability analysis 
  • Instant quotes available from trusted suppliers
  • Online order 

Focus on the automated material selection tool

Automated material type proposition 

Easy3D's automated material selection tool evaluates your part and recommends suitable material and corresponding printing technology based on the part requirements.

Powerful material selection and properties comparison tool 
Arkema Material Selection Tool shows a comparison of top-scoring materials and provides technical compatibility scoring. The properties breakdown shows each material property's details and fitness to the selected parameter. 

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How to use the platform? 

Experience an intuitive and user-friendly digital journey to 3D printing with the Easy3D platform. Spend less time identifying and qualifying parts for additive manufacturing use cases and accelerate the order-to-production timelines with automatic price estimates. Follow our video tutorial guide.

Request a quote and order your part from trusted 3D printing part manufacturers

Manage your requests, quotes and orders directly on your online account. Communicate with the parts-suppliers and Arkema experts through a dedicated chat.

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A wide range of advanced materials available on the platform

From prototyping to serial production, we provide the best-performing materials adapted to your project. We design durable, high-performance and bio-based solutions for the most demanding applications.

Bio-based Polyamide 11
High energy return
  • A 100% bio-based from renewable castor plant
  • Superior elasticity and ductility vs PA12
  • Superior impact resistance
  • The material of choice for complex design and mass customization
  • Lightness, unmatched energy return and cold-temperature durability.
  • Offers the highly desirable combination of toughness and flexibility/ elasticity
  • Pebax® elastomers are world-renowned in sports, industrial and footwear applications


Extreme performance
Ultra-high performance
  • Suited to the most demanding industrial applications that require outstanding resistance
  • Thermal stability up to 130°C and extreme durability against UV and aggressive chemical exposure
  • Particularly suitable for early-stage  prototyping or short-run manufacturing.
  • Kepstan® PEKK (PolyEtherKetoneKetone) is ideally suited for metal replacement
  • Very high service temperature, chemical resistance, and excellent fire retardancy
  • The material of choice in aerospace, oil & gas and chemical processing industries



UV-curable liquid resins
  • N3tDimension® custom formulated materials for SLA, DLP, LCD, MJP, and BJ 
  • Bio-based offering
  • Application-specific material development
  • Tailored for high-performance such as toughness, chemical resistance, fine feature resolution & more





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